Annual "Computational Modeling in Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation Workshop":

In this workshop, students and researchers can learn about state-of-the art modeling methods in non-invasive brain stimulation and their combination with imaging methods. The workshop includes lectures and hands-on sessions. Topics covered range from FEM modeling and combined NIBS-neuroimaging to animal models.


YouTube channel with scientific talks, educational resources, and modeling demo


Finite element method models for translational research in non-invasive brain stimulation (for download)

Finite element method (FEM) models for non-invasive brain stimulation modeling using SimNIBS or other compatible software.
The mouse and monkey models are described in detail in Alekseichuk et al., Comparative modeling of transcranial magnetic and electric stimulation in mouse, monkey, and human, NeuroImage, 2019.


Neuron Modeling for TMS (NeMo-TMS) multi-scale modeling toolbox


Our GitHub page


Code for closed-loop TMS-EEG

The libraries from Shirinpour et. al., Experimental evaluation of methods for real-time EEG phase-specific transcranial magnetic stimulation, Journal of Neural Engineering, 2020.


Scripts for FEM modeling of transcranial brain stimulation