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NIBS 4th Flyer

Join us at our annual workshop where students and researchers can learn about state-of-the art modeling methods in non-invasive brain imaging and stimulation. The workshop includes both lectures and hands-on sessions during which we provide one-on-one assistance in getting started with commonly used toolboxes. Topics covered range from FEM modeling and combined NIBS-neuroimaging to animal models.

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Missed the workshop? Check out our YouTube channel Brain Stimulation Science! It contains recordings from previous seminars as well as other scientific talks, educational resources, and modeling demos. Make sure to subscribe to not miss out on our latest content. 

Download our published code packages

Finite element method (FEM) models and useful scripts for non-invasive brain stimulation modeling using SimNIBS or other compatible software. 

NeMo-TMS generates accurate neuron models from morphological reconstructions, couples them to the external electric fields induced by TMS, and simulates the cellular and subcellular responses of single-pulse and repetitive TMS. A detailed description of this toolbox and examples can be found in Shirinpour et al., Multi-scale Modeling Toolbox for Single Neuron and Subcellular Activity under (repetitive) Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Brain Simulation, 2021.

Our Github page contains updated code repositories from all of our published projects.

The libraries from Shirinpour et. al., Experimental evaluation of methods for real-time EEG phase-specific transcranial magnetic stimulation, Journal of Neural Engineering, 2020.